• Mount Shasta

    Mount Shasta looms in the distance on a moonlit night. Highway 5 winds off in the distance toward the mountain.

    Mount Shasta
  • Bookshelf and Guitarist

    A man with a bass guitar sits at the foot of a tall three sectioned bookshelf, which is filled with books and decorative objects.

    Bookshelf and Guitarist
  • Vernal Falls

    Vernal Falls, in Yosemite National Park, depicted on a moonlit night.

    Vernal Falls
  • View from Mount Tam

    This drawing illustrates the view from the knee of Mount Tamalpais, looking eastward towards Mount Diablo, on a moonlit night.

    View from Mount Tam
  • Enter the Dream

    This drawing depicts a woman blowing an emphermal dream into the mind of a sleeping man. The dream is a vision of a woman, standing on a dock, overlooking the ocean on a moonlit night.

    Enter the Dream
  • Faust Eagle

    An eagle soars over a moonlit mountain scene. This drawing is adapted from the title page illustration of a German edition of Faust published in 1907.

    Faust Eagle